Adult Jazz Class — Betsy Dorbian
This Jazz Class includes a warm-up, basic jazz technique and choreography. No experience necessary. Students work in bare feet.

YBR Black BallBeth Butler
This is a deeper more intense Yamuna® Body Rolling™ experience. This class gives you the finer details in aligning, shaping, and transforming your body. The work is deeper, more muscle specific, and develops more strength, core balance and flexibility. This is a challenging and rapid body improving experience.

Community Beginner Yoga Class – Betsy Dorbian
A  Beginner Yoga class on the second Sunday of each month from 10 – 11 am.  This community class is free, but donations will be accepted.  All money collected will be donated to a Central Pennsylvania Food Bank.

Exercise I (Groundwork) — Beth S. Butler
This class is offered as a 2 hour workshop throughout the year and is a prerequisite for Exercise II. Exercise I (Groundwork), like Exercise II, incorporates both eastern and western approaches to physical fitness and well being. The class consists of strength training using free weights, resistance bands and your own body weight (calisthenics), yoga and Yamuna Body Rolling (YBR) among other disciplines. The goals of this class are to prepare the student for Exercise II, increase body awareness and range of movement, improve strength and flexibility and reduce tension.

Exercise II — Beth S. Butler
After learning the basics in Exercise I (Groundwork) or equivalent, the student will be ready for this challenging class. Exercise II is a more complex workout with the goals of building on and mastering the movements and ideas introduced in Exercise I (Groundwork). While physically challenging, the student may nevertheless find this class more mentally relaxing as you have already done a lot of the “mental work” in the introductory class.

Fusion Ball Fitness — Beth S. Butler
This class includes floor work, rhythmic and strength routines on the large ball, strengthening and toning on both the large and small ball (YBR). The class closes on the small ball, releasing and elongating muscles and removing tension patterns that restrict movement. This promotes a deep feeling of relaxation. Students should have some experience with both balls and have used free weights. It is recommended to take Exercise I and II and the Introduction to Yamuna Body Rolling (YBR) before taking this class.

Gentle Yoga –  –Cynthia Brittain
Movement, breath and mindfulness are essential components of yoga. In this class your movements will be gentle and safe, while allowing you to explore the full benefit of each asana (posture). Class consists of fundamental yoga asanas, sun salutations, breath work and relaxation. While a basic understanding of yoga is beneficial, this class is also well suited for the beginning student.

Introduction to YBR — Beth S. Butler  Offered periodically throughout the year, Yamuna Zake’s Body Rolling (YBR) is a soft, powerful approach to muscle release. YBR consists of a series of routines that use a 6 – 10″ ball to stretch muscles, freeing restrictions in all parts of the body, increasing blood flow, and promoting healing. This system can remove structural restrictions, elongate muscles, and improve alignment and posture. Best of all, you can do it on your own.


Restorative Yoga — Staff
Working from various relaxation poses, students will perform postures using props (blankets, bolsters, eye pillows and more) that support the whole body. The emphasis of this class is on dissolving tension and cultivating stillness. This deeply meditative practice will leave you feeling incredibly relaxed and fully alive.

Sequence Yoga — Betsy Dorbian
In this class, students learn yoga poses, or asanas, which are then linked with the breath into a sequential pattern. Through this arrangement, students can observe how one posture can evolve into another while keeping their focus on breathing and form. Students should be familiar with Sun Salutations prior to taking Sequence Yoga.

Yamuna Body Rolling (YBR) — Beth S. Butler
Students work on small balls from 4 to 10 inches as a self-therapy, enabling you to take care of your own body. In a YBR class you learn both basic and advance YBR routines moving systematically through the entire body, elongating muscles, releasing your spine, improving alignment deepening your breathing, and increasing your relaxation response.

Yamuna Yoga  — Beth S. Butler
Infuse Yamuna Body Rolling into your practice.  Through Yamuna Yoga you can master asanas while preventing injury, go deeper, hold longer, radiate grace and power.  Increase the stretch, remove obstacles and restrictions from your body while you breathe into the pose, all aided by the use the Yamuna Ball and Foot Savers.  To understand more about Yamuna Body Rolling see Introduction to YBR.

Yamuna Body Rolling (YBR) Foot Fitness — Beth S. Butler
Athletic power flows up through the feet, and strong, flexible feet are essential to your overall well being. Whether you’re a dancer, athlete, or just love to stroll the neighborhood, a YBR Foot Fitness class is an essential preventative treatment. Using special props designed by Yamuna Zake, you’ll learn a series of routines to strengthen your feet, improving function and flexibility.

Yamuna Body Rolling (YBR) Foot Fitness Intensive — Beth S. Butler 
This 2-hour workshop presents basic information on how the feet work, and what they need to be fit. Some work with hands will also be included. Participants will learn how the feet and hands affect posture and impact the rest of the body including other joints such as knees, hips, wrists and shoulders.  The session uses special props called foot wakers and foot savers,  which enable you to create more flexibility and stimulation to the bones and muscles so they have greater movement.  The goal will be to create space, strength, and flexibility in the feet thus allowing for more range of motion of all the various parts of the foot. Once each part of the foot has the ability to move and space to move into, bunions, neuromas, and other problems will start to go away.

Yamuna Body Rolling (YBR) Intensives — Beth S. Butler
Preparation for becoming a Practitioner
The Movement Center offers YBR intensives for people interested in applying the principles of Yamuna Body Rolling to their own lives and in therapeutic settings to help others take care of themselves. This profound self-help tool enhances any physical practice while preventing injury. Yoga teachers, massage therapists, fitness trainers, dancers, chiropractors, physical and occupational therapists will find it indispensable for self-work and for giving to clients to use between sessions.

Phase I is the first step towards certification as an YBR instructor. These intensives will help you meet the requirements needed to start the training. You will learn the history of YBR, its origins, basic theories and philosophy. You will begin to learn in your own body the routines covered in the training.

Beth Butler  –  also offers Certification Training. Go to the YBR website and click on training for more information.

Yoga for Wise Women — Elizabeth Terry
This class is designed to meet the needs of women in the midday stage of life. Promoting stability at the physical level, balance at the emotional level and challenge at the level of the intellect will be the objectives of the class. To that end, students will practice postures, breathing techniques, chanting and meditation. This class is appropriate for women in their middle years and up.

Vinyasa (Flow) Yoga Level I — Cynthia Brittain
This class emphasizes the linkage between breath and mindful movement – creating “Meditation in Movement”. Class begins with a gentle warm-up, followed by sun salutations blended with standing asanas. Seated asanas are included and class concludes with Savasana. All levels of yoga experience are welcome and each student is offered modifications that allow the practice to adapt to their unique abilities.

This class is based upon the traditional Astanga Vinyasa flow, however, more time is spent explaining the asanas (postures) in detail, making modifications as needed.  Although Yoga experience is recommended, this class is suitable for beginners.

Community Classes

International Folk Dance —
The first hour of each class is covers basic entry-level dances. The second hour is more advanced; beginners are welcome to stay the entire time. “Lift your feet – your heart will follow!” is the theme of our classes. Beginners welcome; no partners needed.
For more information, call 234-3844 or

Other Services


Personal Attention and Training (P.A.T.) — Beth S. Butler
P.A.T. is for students who want a one-on-one experience to increase their understanding of their health and fitness program, or who want to learn how to start their own program. Sessions can focus on fitness assessment; strength, aerobic and flexibility training; sport-specific conditioning; yoga; Yamuna Body Rolling; and injury prevention. The session ends with relaxation and sometimes a short massage. *Personal Training by Beth Butler – $75.00  (75 minute session)

*Yamuna Table Treatment by Beth Butler – $85  See Bodywork on Home Page

Private Yoga Session —Cynthia Brittain, Betsy Dorbian, Beth S. Butler, Elizabeth Terry
Private Yoga Session: A private session is ideal for developing a personal practice or addressing specific injuries or concerns. Practices are designed based upon the needs of the individual and a written course is provided. Please bring your own sticky mat.We do have community mats, but having your own mat is the first step in developing your own practice.  For your convenience, a sticky mat can be purchased at The Movement Center Store.