Date: 09/12/2019 - 09/16/2019
Time: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
Requirements: See Description
Bring: Yamuna Body Rolling Balls
Fees: See Description
Studio: Upstairs

Instructor: Beth Butler



This is the starting point for studying all of the Yamuna® modalities.

This revamped training is a 10 day coursecombining a strong experiential approach to learning your anatomy along with the 25 years of experience gained through teaching and training practitioners in Yamuna Body Rolling.


This certification uses the AnatomyU® program to guide the student through working each muscle to assure it is switched on. This means that you learn how to build each consecutive muscle in an area of the body and see the importance of each muscle in building the entirety of the body. Using your own body as your laboratory, your self-study brings you to a level of expertise in knowing how the body’s structure is put together. This makes you highly efficient in helping others problem solve and self-heal. Taking time to learn from your own body the wonders of the logic and order that are possible when you put each piece back together gives you the tools to improve your work in whatever modality you are already using.


The purpose of this program is to learn how to reorganize the human structure so that it works up to its true potential. The combination of AnatomyU and Yamuna® Body Rolling prepare you to be able to teach all the basic lines of YBR to both group classes and individuals. In most cases basic YBR classes help people to greatly improve their alignment, range of motion, and structural problems. When people need more help in problem solving the strong anatomy knowledge gained from AnatomyU allows you to focus with more detail on the muscles which need to be worked with greater attention. The combination of AnatomyU and YBR also allow teachers to be much more flexible in their class offerings. Classes can be partial YBR with special focus on muscles in the area that is being focused on during that class


We know from experience that people who take a yamuna® training greatly improve in their own bodies and in their self-awareness.

The desire to go deeper into the amazing lessons that are possible to learn from the body grows with each day of this training.

The desire to learn more and more through the body’s messages grows exponentially and leads practitioners onto learning more and more of the work.



  • Anyone who is already trained in a specific modality and wants greater skills in assessing and problem solving and adding self-help programs into their existing practices. This includes Pilates, Gyrotonic, Yoga, Dance, Martial arts, fitness instructors, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Chiropractors, and Osteopaths.
  • People who are looking for a career change and who have been healed through one of the yamuna® modalities and want to share this work with others.
  • Health and wellness coaches who want to add self-help modalities to help train people in self-help care.
  • Athletes who are interested in their personal best and who want to have the knowledge to help them prevent and heal their injuries.


Anyone looking for a career and life change. It doesn’t matter your age or shape. This training will help you move better and will increase your knowledge base of your body so that you function and live better. It’s only a matter of time before this translates to helping others.

The Yamuna® Body Rolling Foundations Training blends superbly with all other modalities because it improves the body’s function, mobility and wellness.




Length: This is a 10 day certification program. It is offered as a 10 day intensive, two 5 day sessions, or locally over several weekends.

* If you are choosing to take Yamuna foundations in 2 segments it is important that you study and practice in between the first and second part.

Price: $2200 (in USA. Other countries have different pricing)


Product Requirement: 1 silver, 1 gold, 1 pearl, 1 set of black balls, 1 pump. Please contact the certifying practitioner for any product needs.




All of the important concepts unique to the yamuna work are presented on the first day of the training. The importance of direct bone stimulation, weight bearing and traction along with other concepts make the yamuna work stand apart from other ball work. In the yamuna work it is not about randomly rolling on a ball. It is about deeply penetrating the body using a ball that allows your body weight to penetrate into a round form that is supportive, safe and has resistance so the body receives feedback and can respond.


All of the yamuna balls are used throughout the training (silver, gold, pearl, black). The back balls are used during the AnatomyU as they offer more detail. While learning all the basic YBR routines the other balls are used. Getting comfortable knowing when to use which ball for each routine and client level is covered throughout the program.


Each day different muscle groups are covered.

First the individual muscles are taught using AnatomyU. Following this, the routines that focus on these muscles are taught. How to teach each routine, how to assist, and the practicing of each routine are part of each section of the body covered.


The training begins with the posterior body from the pelvis to the feet. All the muscles that build the posterior pelvis are taught followed by the hamstrings, the deep lateral rotators and leg muscles. Next all the routines which focus on these areas of the body are taught and practiced.


The anterior body from the pelvis to the feet includes the quadriceps, adductors, anterior leg muscles and peroneus muscles. All of the routines which focus on these muscle groups are then taught.


The back focus on the more superficial muscles of the back and then various routines which introduce important concepts for building strong flexible and aligned spines are covered.


The muscles of the anterior torso include all the abdominal muscles and the pectorals muscles and the muscles which support the anterior neck are taught and the corresponding routines for each area are taught.


The sideline of the body is an important part of the YBR teaching. It builds the body’s length equally from the sides, anterior and posterior bodies. The muscles specifically to the sideline are taught and then the routines for the side are taught.


After day one of the training there will be both practice teaching time daily and hands-on practice for each routine covered the day before. Throughout the training there is adequate practice teaching time with peer reviews to support you in developing and improving your teaching skills.

Discussing Case Studies and modifications helps you to hone in your abilities to problem solve and think about how to focus on each individual’s needs.


The last two days of the training will focus on structuring focused classes and the practice of teaching them. Some people will be ready to take their tests by the end of the training while others will opt for some time to practice.

*Note: You have 1 year from the time you complete the full 10 days to take your exams.


How to become a certified Yamuna® Body Rolling Practitioner

  • Attend complete 10 days course
  • Exams: written and practical exam ($100 payable directly to practitioner)

*You must pass a one hour practical teaching exam which includes teaching a class and doing the required hands-on assists for the class.

It is recommended that both teaching and written exams are completed within 1 year of completing the exams.

  • Proof of CPR. It can be done online.
  • Proof of malpractice insurance. Listing Yamuna Studio as additional insured
  • Signed independent contractors agreement




There is the practical exam where you must teach a class that the practitioner who is testing you out requests. You will be both teaching and doing hands on corrections when they are required in a routine.


There is a written exam which includes True & False and Multiple choice questions.


There is a fee of $150 which is to be paid to the practitioner who is testing you out. Expect to be with the practitioner for 90 minutes. This includes both teaching time and feedback time.


In order to be certified and have your information up on the Yamuna website, we need a copy of your Insurance and CPR.



  • Annual membership dues. $150 collected annually on June 30th.
  • Recertification every 2 years (in person, by dvd, a retreat)
  • Valid CPR
  • Valid insurance listing Yamuna Studio as an additional iansured




  • You are listed on the website
  • You are now part of the yamuna® family
  • You can purchase all the past recertification education which contains so much great information including deeper focuses on body parts allowing you to add more and more yamuna work to your classes and grow your knowledge base to be able to keep up with all the work.
  • 4 yamuna Practitioner newsletters annually which usually contain lots of new information and they let you see where Yamuna is taking the work next.
  • You get to attend more advanced yamuna® Trainings taught by Yamuna and other advanced Yamuna practitioners.
  • You receive the yamuna Marketing kit
  • You are invited to the exclusive Yamuna Practitioner Facebook page. This is where we all communicate and help each other with difficult clients. Practitioners are so helpful and supportive to new practitioners and to each other. You learn a lot just from the other people’s questions about their clients. Practitioners also share great marketing ideas or articles that have been written about them.
  • If You need help as you begin working with others you also have unlimited support to Yamuna and the Practitioners you trained with. We usually get back to you within 48 hours.
  • You can purchase all the yamuna products which are part of this certification at wholesale as long as you are a certified Yamuna practitioner in good standing





We usually recommend waiting at least a year before signing up for more advanced trainings. It is important that you really get the work deep into your own body and you are experienced working with others.


If you are more of a hands-on person experience a Yamuna Body Logic session and a Yamuna Table treatment. These are the 2 hands on modalities.

Yamuna Body Logic is the master work where all the other Yamuna work comes from.

Yamuna Table Treatment uses the ball and it is an amazing treatment for joint mobilization. It is a body work in 3D because your hands on working one side of the body while the ball is working on the other.


5 day Advanced Segments will be available beginning in 2020.

After taking 3 of these your rank as a yamuna Practitioner rises to yamuna Advanced Practitioner.




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